Ellen Yom, LCSW
Psychotherapist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

Areas of Practice


Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy for adults with a variety of concerns including:

  • Feelings of anxiety and depression

  • Relationship issues

  • Self esteem and identity

  • Loss

  • Trauma

  • Body image distortions

  • Life cycle transitions such as adulthood, marriage, and pregnancy

Couples & Family Therapy

I have Certification as a Couples and Family therapist from the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

Couples and families often seek therapy to:

  • Understand relationship dynamics

  • Increase connection and intimacy

  • Find effective ways to communicate and manage conflicts

  • Navigate life cycle transitions such as marriage, having children, loss, separation, and divorce

  • Co-parenting

  • Repair ruptures, like infidelity and betrayals, that decrease trust 

Perinatal support

I have a Certificate of Completion in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders from Postpartum Support International. I provide support and therapy for individuals, couples and families during the perinatal period (pregnancy and postpartum). Counseling for those during this period is informed by evidence-based treatment interventions and guidelines. I aspire to provide comprehensive and holistic support through:

  • Education about the perinatal period and Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)

  • Assessment and Screening of risk and protective factors for PMADs

  • Referrals for medication management, support groups, and other relevant resources

  • Treatment for symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Relationship support